Current Participating Artists:

Zaron Mizmeras
Amir Coyle
Andrew Cosentino
Big Drum in the Sky Religion
City Dragon
Cody Brant
Emmanuel Gattuso
George Christian
Idol Eyes
Jared C. Balogh
Julien Beau
Justin Marc Lloyd
Marcello Magliocchi
Matthias Boss
New Fast
Nihilist Fisherman
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt
Sonia DeSaint Juste
Spectacle Arrangement
Stephen Emmerson
Talk Midway
The Lost and Found Sound
Their Teeth to Points
Tomas Tello
Wartime Tapestry

Hundreds of micro-compositions produced by dozens of international sound artists and musicians are randomly sequenced and broadcast via wi-fi to handmade streaming units. Each collected composition is designed to be played simultaneously as an immersive sound installation.

The result is a cacophonous, randomized bombast of disparate experimental compositions, playing over and against each other, an aural metaphor of the chaotic and over-stimulating nature of the internet itself. The discord of battling sound sources and quickly transitioned content creates a type of meditative experience. Rather than aiming to reach transcendence through minimalism, senses are bombarded and inundated in a type of maximalism. The dissonant nature of the installation draws allusions to the overwhelming qualities of the internet, social media and the information age.

Stream Room serves as an appraisal of this condition, an errant signal celebrated, a space for enthralled annihilation.

On View

Oct 11 - Nov 2, 2014
4518 NE 32nd Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97211

Project Collaborators:

Dana Paresa (Visuals & Design) is an artist, graphic designer and illustrator living in Portland Oregon. Her illustrations have been published by Willamette Week, Portland Mercury, Bitch Magazine, Kill Screen Magazine, Honolulu Magazine, Flux Magazine and many more. Her visual art has been exhibited at Interisland Terminal, Gallery 'Iolani, ii Gallery and Creative Research Co-operative Cube Space in Honolulu, HI. She graduated from University of Hawai'i with a Bachelor's in Studio Art and Art History in 2011.

Matthew McVickar (Programming Consultant) is a freelance web developer and musician living in Portland, Oregon. He was born in 1985 in Massachusetts and educated in Japanese and English at UMass Amherst. His web development portfolio includes work for PBS, Google, Beatport, and MetaFilter. Matthew is a music-obsessive. He was one third of Clones of the Queen, a Honolulu electronic pop band who released three EPs and opened for The Cure. He has also released four EPs of solo electronic music as Welwing, and produced the music for the Hawaii International Film Festival 2011 trailer. He loves bicycling, walking, standup comedy, and his dog Birdie.

DB Amorin (Project Director, Founder of DWS) is an artist, arts organizer and founder of deepwhitesound. He works at ProjectGrow, an art studio representing and serving adults with developmental disabilities and curates the adjoining Port City Gallery, an artspace focused on programming which showcases and integrates work of contemporary artists into the ProjectGrow program. He currently serves as Communications Director on the board of The Creative Music Guild, a non-profit organization facilitating experimental and improvisational performance in Portland OR. DB Amorin is an exhibiting visual artist working in video, sound and web-based art, as well as a recording artist under the moniker uvovu.
image courtesy of FalseFront / Jason Doize
image courtesy of FalseFront / Jason Doize